Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions that the prospective members of the Institute have asked quite frequently:

It was formed to promote the excellence in forensic investigations and audit globally.

The difference is the emphasis of training and approach. ACFE is biased towards fraud examination whereas IICFIP is biased to forensic accounting and audit. The two organizations are not the same but are complimentary to each other. We do recommend our members to take the CFE exams also. Many of our members are also members of ACFE.

Yes, our approach to training and organization is very different. The formation of the IICFIP also responded to demand for forensic investigation/audit training. Just imagine if there was only one University in the world! Harvard Business School is one of thousands of business schools globally but it is more popular than the others. IICFIP has a vision to become like Harvard in forensic investigations/audit skills training and standard setting globally.

No. The IICFIP is promoting its own unique brand in forensic investigations and audit. The business of IICFIP is the promotion of excellence in forensic investigation skills globally.

No. The IICFIP a professional institute which does not issue diplomas and degrees but accreditation professional certificates which much be ‘updated’ yearly via Continuous Personal Development ( CPD) training in the field of forensic investigation/audit. The Institute however, issues participation or seminar completion certificates for its short courses in forensics.

Affiliated institutions are allowed to run academic programs recommended or similar to that of the IICFIP and issue academic certificates or diplomas or degrees. The graduates from these institutions can then join the IICFIP as members with or without further training and exams.

It is incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA

This is in the good spirit of offshore outsourcing so that costs can be kept very low to allow for faster growth of the IICFIP and better service to its members as it establishes itself globally.

Not at the moment but as the Institute grows it may attract sponsors that may support such worthy course.

Yes, for all Pioneer Members up to 31st July, 2013 and thereafter on very restricted basis. All those who are qualified for certification via this route will be taken through tougher assessments to evaluate adequate competence in forensic investigations or audit before they are certified.

Yes. All the firms that wish to partner with the IICFIP in trainings delivery are welcome from any part of this world. Fully certified members’ firms are however preferred.

IICFIP as a professional organization need not have an independent examination body. It operates much like ACCA, ACFE etc. who administer their own exams. However, there is evolving consensus among its members that we need to out of such box and create an independent organization that shall concentrate on the administration of exams. This is the long-term objective of the IICFIP to maintain its uniqueness.

IICFIP is incorporated in Delaware, USA.

No but we do refer them when a vacancy has been brought to our attention by an employer. The Institute does not guarantee attachments.

The question that should be asked is, ‘is forensic investigation skills good and beneficial to Kenya and other countries? The value of a skill is the most important part of a profession. Have you ever seen a person who is very skilled in whatever does such that colleagues nickname him Prof. even if he does not have academic degrees befitting the nickname? This means that skills are recognized by their value not paper certifications only.

Yes, the Institute members have been promoted based on the trained they went through at IICFIP and many organizations are directly sponsoring their members of staff for forensic training.

Yes, any bachelor’s degree holder can take forensic investigation training.

Yes, we do when vacancies are sent to us by employers. The Institute does not go looking for jobs.

CFIP ( Certified Forensic Investigation Professional) is a post graduate professional qualification that is equivalent to a master’s degree in forensic investigation. The IICFIP insist on Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent as the minimum entry criteria.