Professional associations or membership institutes like IICFIP are generally self-regulating. The Institute of Internal Auditors, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and ISACA just to mention a few are self-regulating since there is nothing like a unifying qualifications authority or an accrediting agency for professional membership organizations in the USA.

Their qualifications are nonetheless recognized worldwide and this is where the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals USA, Inc (IICFIP USA, Inc) falls as a professional membership organization.

1. Training is offered by training centres.

2. Exams are set by the Institute itself, administered, marked and graded. Anyone getting a score of less than 70% is asked to repeat the failed subject until he or she reaches the required standard.

3. Certificates issued are the property of the IICFIP and can be recalled or canceled in case of any gross misconduct or non-payment of renewal and payment of recertification fees.

4. Professional certificates and memberships are renewable in every three years. Meaning that any member or professional that does not adhere to the codes of conduct and fails to keep on sharpening their forensic skills is likely to drop on the way hence the IICFIP keeps all members on their toes to always show themselves worthy of the coveted professional certification or credential. No one relaxes like in the academic world with a certificate or membership for life. Certificates issued by IICFIP USA, Inc. have a life span of 3 years and are then renewed upon application by a member who is in professional good standing with the institute.

5. All professionals of IICFIP are required to keep on learning and updating themselves on relevant new developments in forensics and technology and are required to attend conferences and seminars, and workshops to keep continuously learning. They can do the distance learning, online or physical training attendance.

6. Professional certificates issued by professional membership Institutes like IICFIP are marks of quality all the time. They are not diplomas or degrees that can be kept by anyone for life without evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

7. CFIP or CFIAP professional credential is an advanced professional certificate that is equivalent to a master’s degree in forensic investigation or auditing.  Entry qualifications are Bachelors DEGREE and above or many years of practical investigation experience.


It must be noted, however, that there are certain privately owned organizations in the US that charge fees for membership and purport to be carrying out accreditation by virtue of such membership. They are not government-sponsored organizations and therefore membership in them is absolutely optional. In the USA, there is nothing like government-sponsored qualifications authority like in some African Countries. Only academic colleges and universities are accredited.