Our Services

Our services include the following:

  • Due Diligence Check;
  • Full Employee Background Investigation;
  • Educational Credentials Investigation;
  • Domestic Staff Check;
  • Tenants and Landlords Background Investigation;
  • Background Expatriate Investigation;
  • Employment History Investigation;
  • Risk Assessment Management;
  • Business Registration and Operations Investigation;
  • Credit Worthiness Investigation and Evaluation;
  • Business Disputes Investigation;
  • Tracing Hidden Assets in Divorce and Corruption Cases;
  • Business Appraisals and Evaluation; and many more;
  • Local and International Surveillance;
  • Document Verification,;
  • International Undercover Investigations;
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection Training;
  • Matrimonial Investigations;
  • Investigative Training;

We are best suited to carry out these services globally since IICFIP has connections in almost all countries in Africa and a total of 170+ countries representing all continents.