We are a world’s unique premier professional membership organization that not only brings together forensic investigators but also provides forensic investigation skills training to all that are interested in forensic investigations. IICFIP members in various parts of the globe are well equipped to carry out effective forensic investigations in business organizations, governments and other situations requiring forensic investigation skills.

The IICFIP is a multi-professional accreditation institution. It boasts of the following professional accreditations/certifications:

  1. CFIP – Certified Forensic Investigation Professional
  2. CACC – Certified Anti-Corruption Consultant
  3. CMIP – Certified Medical Investigation Professional
  4. CDFP – Certified Digital Forensic Professional

Our Mission

To promote excellence of forensic investigation skills globally by carrying out accreditation and other training in all countries across the globe evolving standards for forensic investigation processes and creating a process for validating new approaches to forensic investigation. To create a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for forensic investigation processes.

Our Vision

To be the leading forensic investigation accreditation training and standards setting body institute in the World by spreading our wings in all countries enabling our members to automatically bring to their clients global best practices in their performance of forensic investigation practice.

Sosthenes Bichang’a

FCFIP, FCPA, CPA, FCFA, BBF, MSc, Ph. D (Student)
President/CEO, IICFIP

Global Presidents' Message

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome all visitors to this website of the great IICFIP that is helping to address the acute shortage of professional forensic investigation experts globally. This institute website provide resources and links that can assist all those in need of forensic experts and skills. We provide training events and conferences, contacts of experts and forensic investigations firms accredited by the Institute. This is a unique institute with a unique approach to capacity building in the areas of forensic investigations in general and also digital forensics.

The IICFIP plans and executes forensic conferences nationally, continentally and globally every year to equip professionals with skills and techniques for effective and efficient forensic investigations in government, private businesses, multinationals and non-profit organizations….

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Our Business

IICFIP is in not just in the business of fraud examination but forensic investigation in the widest sense. We train professionals to become all rounded experts in forensic investigation such that they are able to carry out fraud examination, forensic accounting, medical investigations, financial investigations, digital forensics, criminal investigations and do fraud/corruption control.

These includes but not limited to the following:

  • To carry out professional training in forensic investigation and audit skills globally issuing professional membership accreditation certificates under its own seal to those qualifying, after fulfilling requirements laid down by the Institute.
  • Recruit and register students and fully certified members from all countries. Any such registers shall be electronic and on the website.
  • To partner with training or academic institutions or accredit training centers globally for the purpose of training, tuition delivery and exams. The Institute shall not issue academic certificates like diplomas or degrees in its own name and seal but will support university programmes on forensics so that the graduates therefrom can be eligible to join the IICFIP as professional members.
  • To conduct seminars/workshops/conferences globally and issue participation certificates to all successful attendees or delegates. Most seminar level short courses shall be conducted online or by distance learning to reach a wider and diversified audience globally.
  • To keep records or register of the qualified professionals as per (a) above globally.
  • To administer professional discipline to all our members so registered in line with the institute’s codes of professional ethics and conduct ensuring that its members are well updated on the current and best practices in forensic investigation/audit.
  • To set standards for professional forensic investigation services globally.