National Conferences

The national networking forums in every country shall organize at least one IICFIP Forensic Conference a year taking a lot of care not to conflict with any global or continental conferences. The following National Forensic Conferences/Workshops are planned for 2018:

1. Forensic Investigation and Audit Workshop.
Accra, Ghana.
4th to 5th June, 2018.
Guest Speaker – Sosthenes Bichanga, FCFIP, FCPA, CPAK, FCFA, BBF – Global President, IICFIP Inc.

2. National Forensic Investigation and Audit Seminar/Workshop
Dates: 7th to 9th June, 2018

3. National Forensic Conference – Zimbabwe
Guest Speaker – Dr. Linus Akepe, FCFIP, Ph.D – DVC Copperstone University & IICFIP Continental Director
First Week of July, 2018.