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Continental Conferences

Continental Conferences

  IICFIP Forensic Conference for Africa This will be training events bringing m...
National Conferences

National Conferences

  The IICFIP National Networking Forums in every country shall organize at least one...
Global Conferences

Global Conferences

The IICFIP shall organize global conferences two times a year in different continents ...
  • Continental Conferences

    Continental Conferences

  • National Conferences

    National Conferences

  • Global Conferences

    Global Conferences

Frequently Asked Questions By Sponsidered Students

1. Why is a very important course being offered for free?
The prevailing perception among the majority of citizens of the world is that an expensive service or product is of high quality!!! This is a fallacy that has led to many companies and organizations exploiting clients or customers. Organizations raise prices of inferior products to attract those who match quality to high price! Ridiculous.
The Institute is sponsoring a 3-month forensics masterclass to allow many students enroll to learn and also become Student Members.

2. After course completion, one is asked to pay some fee for a participation certificate, is this not scam?
Scams involve advance payments of goods and services and then the recipients disappear without supplying the promised goods or services. In the Institute’s case, the 3 month course is delivered fully in advance of any payment. Risk is on the Institute not student.

3. After course completion, what next?
The following options are available to the student that complete all modules and gets an aggregate score of 70% +:
A. Stop there if he or she found the course not useful. No payment will be required from the student.
B. Apply for a course completion certificate. This will cost some dollars. Details on this are available to all enrolled students or
C. Apply for full accreditation with exemptions on the basis of this training and also relevant prior learning and experience or both B and C.

4. Who is the target of this training?
Anyone from undergraduate students to professionals with many years of experience. The course requires anybody with interest in learning forensics and all will be referred to us as student members until they complete the course and upgrade to full membership. Full membership means professional accreditation. A full member becomes CFIP.

5. What if one does not have adequate prior learning and experience?
After completion of the 3-month course, you will be enrolled on the full professional training at around 15% of the total fee required to complete the course and become CFIP after passing formal computer based exams.

6. What do mean by masterclass, is it a master’s degree?
A masterclass is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline. We do not offer master’s classes for three months. We are not a degree awarding institution.

7.  Updates continue.

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