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Global Conferences

Global Conferences

The IICFIP shall organize global conferences two times a year in different continents ...
National Conferences

National Conferences

  The IICFIP National Networking Forums in every country shall organize at least one...
Continental Conferences

Continental Conferences

  IICFIP Forensic Conference for Africa This will be training events bringing m...
  • Global Conferences

    Global Conferences

  • National Conferences

    National Conferences

  • Continental Conferences

    Continental Conferences

Accreditation Program


Those wishing to become certified must undergo training on the following (8) subjects:

  • Criminology & Psychology
  • Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Computer and digital Forensics 
  • Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Studies on Fraud and Corruption
  • Investigation Law
  • Investigative accounting

However, those with adequate prior training and experience in forensic investigations or equivalent can be admitted as CFIPs with full exemptions after a thorough assessment as per the laid down criteria. All those who qualify will be admitted purely on prior experience in auditing, investigations, public accounting practice, criminal investigations,digital forensics, corporate security etc. This provision for admission as CFIPs fully on experience and prior training will close soon and then all shall have to pass through study and exams.

Entry Requirements

The IICFIP does not admit high school graduates directly to any of its accreditation programs. Those aspiring to become CFIP (Certified Forensic Investigation Professional) or DFIP (Digital Forensics Investigation Professional) or CACC (Certified Anti-Corruption Consultant) must be having relevant advanced diplomas or degrees with over three (3) years relevant working experience.

Those with CPA, ACCA, CISA, FCPA, FCFA can get partial or full exemptions to wards the CFIP and DFIP.

NB. Grandfatering of experienced members is closing very soon. This close in the next 12 months.

Please access the assessment calculator.


Those desiring to carry out guided study as they read from the comfort of their homes, can now enrol and complete the course within 6 to 12 months. All materials and assignments are delivered by e-mails to the registered students wherever they are in the world. Exams also will be done independntly online effective April, 2016.

Full course fee including exams is USD 1150


High School graduates or mature employees without High School Certificates or Diplomas, can also study to become CFIPs but must start from the Foundation Course whose details are here http://www.iicfip.org/iicfip-foundation-course.


Introducing Brand NEW "Global Promotion of Certified Anti Corruption Consultant (CACC) program" with IICFIP


1) Fast track 3-6 months program by
Submitting a work-based project (5,000-10,000 words) in the areas of
- Design and Implementation of Corruption Risk Policies and Manuals
- Design and Implementation of Whistle Blowing Policies or Manuals
- Design and Implementation of the Code of Conduct for the Organizations

2) Supervised by experienced Mentor to complete the project, all of them are qualified CPA/FCPA/CFE/CFIP/CACC
3) Join the network of like-minded professionals by sharing "best practices" across the globe

4) Competitive tuition fees USD750 ONLY - include the non-certified membership fees of the M.CFIP (USD45 per year)

5) For those who are qualified CPA/CA/ACCA/FCPA/CFE/CIA with more than 3 years of relevant experience may ALSO become CFIP (conditions apply).

BASIC entrance requirements: either
a) DEGREE in ANY discipline; or
b) business owners/executives/managers; government officials WITH 15-years of work experience.

For those interested please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - to start your CACC studies with IICFIP. Also visit www.iicfip.org for more details about the IICFIP Inc.
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Please click here to go to the study resources

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Books & Manuals

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