Global Conference Facilitators

Det Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson

Currently the National Co-ordinator for Protect and Prepare under the CONTEST strategy, based at the National Counter Terrorism headquarters at New Scotland Yard. He is a senior Investigating Officer with extensive working knowledge in homicide and counter terrorism investigations having led over 50 murder and Counter Terrorism enquiries. As a SO15 Senior Investigation Officer and former head of Scotland Yard SO15 forensic management team, he is experienced in bomb scene management and disaster victim identification having been a senior Identification manager for over 12 years. Scott has delivered training at a number of educational and police academies together with conferences in the USA, Norway, France, New Delhi and Oman on a wide range of subjects inc Counter Terrorism, Scene management, CBRNe and Strategic Crisis Management.

In 2010, he led the MPS Counter Terrorism and Senior Identification Team in New Delhi in support of the Commonwealth Games. In 2010 as a Detective Chief Superintendent, he was appointed head of Emergency Preparedness, Business Continuity, CBRNe and DVI for the Metropolitan Police. In 2012, he led the MPS as Bronze Commander for the Olympic and Paralympics Games. Scott was responsible for multi-agency emergency planning for all 26 sporting venues and delivery of the testing and exercising programme.

As chair of LESLP between 2010 and 2013, Scott delivered the 8th edition of the LESLP manual incorporating Lady Justice Hallett recommendations prior to the commencement of the Olympic Games. He has advised the Norwegian authorities on blue light inter- operability following the review of the Andres Brevik case, and Police Scotland in advance of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He currently sits on the programme board of JESIP and is responsible for CT military liaison and major event planning. He is also executive head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office. He is also in charge of the UK International Protect and Prepare Unit which is working in seven key countries throughout the world.

Scott has a Master Degree in Critical Incident Management from Middlesex University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. He is also an Associate lecturer at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College. In 2016 in San Diego he was awarded the 9/11 International Police Medal for Counter Terrorism. Scott is the UK Police representative on the Global Counter Terrorism Forum and has been commended on 16 occasions during his career.

David Otto Endeley

A British National resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. He is a first-generation migrant from Cameroon, West and Central Africa and communicates in both English and French. He is the Founding Director of the Conflict Prevention and Resolution programme – Step In Step Out (SISO) Glocal and a pioneer member of the European Violent Prevention Network (VPN) hub – A pilot project set up to empower local community frontline practitioners in Europe on tackling radicalisation that leads to extremism and violent extremism

He is now the senior Advisor, Programme designer and Director of Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime for Global Risk International Ltd. In 2016, David was appointed on the board as Senior Advisor for Global Counter terrorism by the International Police Commission (IPC).

David Otto is a NATO recommended Counter Terrorism Expert and lecturer for the NATO Against Terrorism programmes at NATO School. He is a pioneer expert for the Interpol Global Counter Terrorism Strategy set up by a group of 5 Globally accredited Subject Matter Experts to proffer Counter terrorism solutions at the 2016 Interpol General Assembly Private & Confidential – Bali Indonesia, alongside US Deputy Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL at Department of State Lieutenant General (US Army, Retired) Terry Wolff.

Recently David Otto was appointed the institutional representative and subject matter expert (SME) of Israel-USA Security, Intelligence and Defence (SECINDEF) International consulting and collaborating global analyst of Observation Against the Terrorist Threat and the Jihadist Radicalisation (OCATRY) Israel. He is frequently invited by governments and large organisations as a proven SME to develop strategic visions and goals and convert strategic level abstract ideas into real operational plans and programmes in a complex, multi-cultural security environment in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

His specialities involve strategic planning and design of local community Anti-Terrorism and Counter Terrorism structures, plans and policy integration and methodologies to enhance interagency and civil military relations. As a recognised expert on Africa terror networks and their Modus Operandi, David Otto set up the structure in 2017 with local community frontline actor Barrister Zannah Mustapha of Future Prowess Islamic Foundation – Maiduguri (Northern Nigeria) that led to the release of 82 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014 in Northern Nigeria.He has developed a broad Network in the Lake Chad Basin.

H e h o l d s a B a c h e l o r ( B A – H o n s ) L a w a n d C r i m i n o l o g y ( U K ) . C o n t a c t : E m a i l : David@globalrisk.internationa Website: Mobile: +44 7472181995 Twitter: @ottotgs Private & Confidential Photo & Recommendation Gallery: Figure 1David Otto & General Terry Wolff Interpol Global Counter Terrorism Experts – Bali Indonesia Private & Confidential Figure 2 David Otto trains NATO Forces on Defence Against Terrorism/local strategies Figure 3 NATO Defence Against Terrorism – David Otto Private & Confidential Figure 4NATO SCHOOL Defence Against Terrorism expert – David Otto Figure 5 David Otto & community actor Barrister Zannah Mustapha discuss SISO approach to dialogue in Maiduguri – Northern Nigeria. Private & Confidential Figure 6 David Otto meets the Sheikh of Borno on the role of community actors on SISO CVE programmes Private & Confidential Private & Confidential Company Number 1 0 0 5 2 5 3 3 2 4 M o o r f i e l d R o a d , B i n g l e y . B D 1 6 1 P S . U K T e l : + 4 4 7 4 7 2 1 8 1 9 9 5 Partner Company to International Police Commission / Anti- Terrorism Accreditation Board and International Organization for Educational Development.

Emmanuel Adedeji Owonibi

With a Bachelors in Accounting and Fraud Detection, Master’s degree in Forensic Audit and Accounting (USW) and more than 12 years of experience in the financial forensics and an educator in conferences and corporate workplace settings, Deji is uniquely positioned to tackling issues of digital fraud, having consulted for big firms, International Humanitarian Agencies and the Government as a Senior Partner Financial Forensics at A and D Forensics Consult, a firm he founded in 2010. He has travelled extensively and conducted training in many different countries both in Africa and Europe.

Ron Aledo

  • CIA Intelligence Analyst (ctr.)
  • International Business Developer for L-3 Communications
  • Macroeconomics and Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Risk Reduction and Strategy Consultant
  • International Security, Master’s Degree International Relations
  • Fully Bilingual English- Spanish / Basic German

TEL: +34 646220718 | Email:


Former senior officer for the US Government (GS 15/Colonel equivalent). Former Senior international business developer for L-3 Communications. Senior all source strategic intelligence analyst. Wrote intelligence products for President Obama´s White House. Gave seminar to Prime Minister Rajoy of Spain´s personal staff. Uses advance CIA like intelligence analysis techniques for economic intelligence and strategic decision making. Reduces corporative and investment risks. Wrote briefing memos used by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in private meetings with the President of Mexico. Graduate of the US Army Logistics School. Masters degree in international relations, over 20 years experience as international business developer, U.S Army officer, and CIA (ctr.) intelligence analyst. Expert in foreign affairs, macroeconomic analysis, business intelligence, risk reduction, international security, and strategy.

Graduate of the prestigious John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School in North Carolina, the world leader center for Public Affairs, Psychological Operations and Civil -Military International Diplomatic Affairs, I am considered an expert in subject such as mass communications, influence operations, negotiations, public affairs, and opinion campaigns and political-cultural advisory and communications talking points.

Wrote analysis in 2002 for the US Army, conclusion: Iraq most likely has no WMDs. Received special training, CAMP PEARY, Virginia. Made many appearances in national television and radio giving security, terrorism, geopolitics and business intelligence conferences. Created business plans for more than 10 countries and connected strategic business partners for L-3 Communications. Signed contracts for more than $2 million. Supervised more than 100 employees. Over 9 years overseas experience to include 5 years in Germany, 1 year in Afghanistan, and 2 years in Spain. Studied in Spain, Germany and England.

Recommends software tools for corporative intelligence and cybersecurity for multinational corporations clients. Familiar with the work and cyber investigation techniques of Michael Bazzell. Expert in analysis gave conferences about analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH), critical thinking and Red Team/Cell analysis for out of the box, unbias analysis to solve complex cases. Used very often ACH and Red Cell analysis during years as Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) senior strategic analyst (ctr.). Used social engineering during counterintelligence investigations and analysis, used Human Terrain analysis to define behavior, social and cultural trends of groups and terrorist while advising the Afghan National Police in Kabul, Afghanistan.

International Intelligence Analysis, Operations and OSINT Lecturer (2015-present): Gave lectures and seminars in intelligence analysis, critical thinking, economic intelligence, terrorism and geopolitics to thousands of people including high rank corporative leaders, military and government officers. Participated in many television and radio talk shows, gave conferences about geopolitics, terrorism and several intelligence, military and police subjects. Gave seminars in the Spanish Army War College, the Spanish National Police Academy, University of Alicante, Nebrija University, and the Spanish National Security Council among others. Explained to thousands of students and business professionals the unclassified methodology for all source intelligence analysis and operations. Explained terrorism threats to senior intelligence and military analysts. Gave intelligence seminars in Romania, United Kingdom, Colombia, France, Italy and Spain.

Senior Intelligence Consultant, ICS co. (March 2017 to Present) Madrid, Spain. Consultant to large multinational corporations in business intelligence, security, strategy, business model. Advises CEOs, Presidents, senior business developers and security departments of large international corporations. Provide extremely sensitive strategic recommendations to corporative VIPs. Recommends software tools for corporative intelligence and cybersecurity.

Senior Intelligence Advisor to Private Big Data Corporation- Future Space (January 2016 to February 2016) Madrid, Spain. Leads economic intelligence unit. Develops tools for corporative intelligence. Senior Intelligence Advisor to the Afghan National Police (Jul 2014-Nov 2015), NATO Mission in Afghanistan (ISAF), (Kabul, Afghanistan): Acted as senior intelligence advisor to the Afghan National Police.

Was the personal advisor of the General in charge of strategic analysis of the National Police. Gave classes on trend and strategic level intelligence analysis to more than 60 senior analysts. Initiated and motivated institutional strategic level change in large and extremely important national organization. Received personal award from Minister of Interior.

Policy and Intelligence Analyst-Operations Officer (Jul 2011-Jul 2014) GS 14, Department of Defense, Joint Staff, (Washington DC): Senior all source intelligence and policy analyst for the Joint Staff, the Pentagon. Represented the Pentagon policy positions during contacts with Congressional staff. Visited the White House several times to meet with President Obama´s staff. Used experience as all source intelligence analyst, to advance the Joint Staff planning and policy mission. Wrote and implemented strategic level plans at international level. Traveled to Afghanistan 2 times to participate in high level meetings and operations. Was senior operations officer at the Pentagon using strategic intelligence analysis skills. (Details Classified)

Director Mexican Affairs /Senior Program Manager (Jul 2009- Jan 2011) GS 15, Department of Homeland Security, (Washington DC): Served as senior program manager coordinating a major DHS strategy and plan in order to secure Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala and Belize. Brainstormed a major strategy to be implemented by the US government in partnership with the government of Mexico. Advised the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs in extremely critical issues regarding US national security related to the US/Mexico border. Wrote briefing memos used by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in private meetings with the President Calderon of Mexico and President Obama. Traveled to Mexico many times to coordinate at the US Embassy in Mexico City and to liaison with senior Mexican government officials including VIPs from Mexican intelligence agency (CISEN). Composed initial draft and wrote the One DHS Plan to reduce the violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the first ever strategic level DHS Joint Operational Plan.

Special Project (December 08- September 09, Part time basis): Senior Intelligence Analyst/ Subject Matter Expert (SME), NCI, US Army Intelligence School. Served as Subject Matter Expert (SME) and senior intelligence editor for the new Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course being prepared by the US Army Intelligence School, Ft. Huachuca (this course is to have MAJOR impact in the US Army). Wrote course text, added intelligence instructions, corrected practical exercises, provided edits as SME. Hampion Open Cup of France Submission Wrestling (2001), Knight Order Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, Vatican City.

Senior Strategic Level Counterintelligence Analyst, (December 07-July 09), Defense Intelligence Agency (Washington DC): Senior Counterintelligence analyst in DIA program. Wrote intelligence products for the White House Intelligence Committee and U.S Congress. Acted in conjunction with FBI and other intelligence organizations. Traveled to U.S embassies abroad to coordinate analysis and support. Provided support to operations. Wrote reports for the US Congress and the White House about a critical National Security issue. Received praised as one of the best strategic level analyst ever in this DIA division. Received training at CAMP PEARY. Details classified. Area of responsibility classified. Program name classified

Intelligence Analyst (ctr.) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), (July 07-December 07), contractor (Langley, VA): Senior Intelligence Analyst using Full Polygraph clearance in location Langley, Virginia. Geopolitical and social analyst. Used expert knowledge of Middle East, asymmetric warfare and Information Operations (IO). Details classified. Program name classified. Senior Intelligence Officer (SIO) (December 06- July 07), Department of Defense (Arlington, VA): Senior intelligence officer, supervised a team of analysts. Supervised the production of finished, allsource intelligence analysis. Responsible for the transformation and growth of an almost nonexistent program. Details classified. Organization classified. Program name classified

Investigation Support, Federal Bureau Investigation, (Washington, D.C –FBI Field Office): Researched, identified and analyzed investigative data. Deduced reasonable investigative conclusions. Cultivated and maintained reliable and effective liaisons with several government agencies to further advance investigative efforts. Conducted complex security investigations. Details classified.

International Business Developer, (August 05-December 06), L-3 Communications (Arlington, VA): Analyzed market and business trends, and foreign opportunities for defense business. Developed strategy for business plans in Spain, Argentina, Israel and Mexico, Qatar, Greece, Kuwait and Jordan. Traveled to Mexico for formal meetings with high ranks officers of the Mexican government customers. Gave formal briefings to top officers. Wrote company and business intelligence research analysis to include Exxon Mobile, Alcatel, and Asian shipbuilding companies. Develop strategic business partnerships in many countries. Analyzed international geopolitics and macro-economic conditions for business.

Civil affairs officer/ Foreign Affairs/ (November 01-August 04), Captain US Army (Ft. Hood, TX): Acted as key member at Tactical Operations Center and CORPS level staff member during IRAQI FREEDOM. Wrote the cultural and political guide for Iraq formerly in use by the US Army in Baghdad (25,000 copies printed). Served as resident expert and advisor in international affairs, Middle Eastern and Latin American politics. Served as political and foreign affairs advisor for high rank military Commanders. Wrote open source analysis for Iraq in April 2002 that concluded Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Designed, authored, and published analysis booklets (political-cultural guides, and reports) for countries such as Afghanistan, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Israel and Palestine, East Timor, Honduras, etc.

Deputy Chief Logistics (July 02-January 03), Plan Colombia, Captain US Army, U.S Embassy, (Bogotá, Colombia): Managed and supervised a multifunction mission. Signed contracts for more than $ 2 million dollars. Oversight transportation, supplies and direct support to US Special Forces. Managed operations in support of counter drugs programs in PLAN COLOMBIA. Acted as instructor at the Colombian Military Academy. Supervised logistics status in war zones and traveled to combat areas. Supervised more than 100 employees to include US and Colombian local national employees.

Force Protection/Counter Terrorism Officer, (April 98-April 01), Captain US Army, (Germany): Wrote 600 pages force protection and counterterrorism plan. Managed security, coordinated emergency response, force protection to include Counterintelligence investigations and counterterrorism plan for a military community near Frankfurt made of 11,000 people. Wrote the hostage and negotiation exercise. Performed evidence accountability and inventory in coordination with military law enforcement. Coordinated and supervised all emergency response exercises in area of operations. Visited the Lithuanian embassy in Warsaw Poland as official guest of Lithuanian Attaché. Acted as European threats expert for a large military base

EDUCATION: 1999-2002, Master’s Degree, International Relations, University of Oklahoma, 1991- 1995 –Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science, University of Puerto Rico and Minnesota University in Toledo Spain Intelligence: 2014- Ministry of Defense Advisor (MODA), Washington DC/Indiana Training Center, 2008- Special training, CAMP PEARY, Virginia, 2008- Counterintelligence Analysis Methods, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), 2007- US Air Force Civilian Supervisors course, Bolling AFB, 2002- Civil Affairs Course (Foreign Affairs), Army Special Warfare School, FT Bragg, 2001- Combined Arms and Services Staff Course Army Staff College, FT Leavenworth, 2001- US Army Logistician Advance Course, FT Lee, VA, 1996- Army Officer Basic Course, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Special Qualifications: Fully bilingual English- Spanish, converses in German, Italian and Portuguese, First Prize Literature Contest: University of Puerto Rico (1994), Champion Open Cup of France Submission Wrestling (2001), Knight Order Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, Vatican City.