Global Chairman’ Message

FCFIP Charles Hester

Global Chair, IICFIP USA, Inc.

“I am delighted to reach out to members and potential members of International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP), an organization formed to work for the advancement of the forensic investigation professionals.  As crime rates rise and as crimes tend to become more sophisticated, the challenges faced by a forensic investigation professional keeps changing, and he / she is expected to continuously innovate in order to meet the growing complexity of the forensic process.  In addition, two other factors have significantly influenced the way contemporary forensic investigation processes take place – the increasing number of trans-border crimes and the burgeoning numbers of cyber-crimes.  While the conventional forensic life cycle underwent a perceptible change with the advent of white collar crimes, a paradigm shift is taking place in the cyber-centric world of trans-border crimes.

IICFIP is involved in developing the knowledge and skills needed to support professionals while responding to the changing expectations of stakeholders.  Apart from imparting knowledge and providing skill training, an independent examination system assesses professionals and certifies those who demonstrate sufficient knowledge and expertise in different facets of forensic investigation process.  IICFIP lays emphasis on the ethical behaviour of its members.  Every certificate holder and examinee subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Institute, which is periodically revisited by the Ethics Committee.

I welcome all forensic investigation professionals to be part of IICFIP’s mission of supporting mature forensic investigation process and sharing best practices, in addition to responding to challenges to the profession due to changing crime characteristics and profiles of criminals.”

FCFIP Charles Hester

Global Chair, IICFIP USA,Inc.