General Member

This category of membership is for all professionals working in investigation-related fields into its general body of membership. This includes but not limited to those working in investigative arms of Police, Private Security, Forensic Auditing, Anti-Corruption/Inspectorate, and many more.

The successful applicants shall have the following qualifications:

1. University Degree in a relevant field or

2. At least 3 years’ experience and be able to demonstrate that through testimonials and appointment letters.


  • Certificate of membership;
  • Discounts in registration to attend conferences and workshops organized by the Institute;
  • Priority in registration for conferences and workshops organized by the Institute;
  • Recommendation letters as and when required;
  • Use of designation letters M.CFIP (this is just a membership title not a professional certification); and
  • Use of institute name and logo on personal and business profiles.