Forensic Investigation Masterclass

This course covers the 20 fraud/corruption prevention/detection strategies and 9 steps in forensic investigation and investigation methodology. The facilitator will explain every strategy and step to one by one in details giving practical examples and all methodologies used explained in details for you to understand and apply in your work assignments. If you are not employed, it will equip you with skills and knowledge that will not only enable you to get forensic investigation related course but also be able to settle on the job fast.

You Should Know the following

These days violent robbers are reducing by the day whereas white collar crime is rising at almost the same rate. Why? The robbers are finding that it is easier to use brain to trick people and get away with a lot of money in a smart way that does not necessarily endanger their lives immediately like when violent and armed robbers are caught red-handed.

As a result of this there is increased need for those who can effectively trace and have this type of robbers arrested and effectively prosecuted. In a nutshell, forensic investigators are in high demand globally by government agencies and also private corporations due to this reason.

This Masterclass is a course that will lead to the award of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP) by the IICFIP if and only if the successful student has the following qualifications:

  • Diploma from a recognized institution of middle level or higher learning.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or full accounting certification or,
  • More than 5 years or work experience in accounting or auditing or law enforcement or security.
  • The 20 fraud/corruption prevention and detection strategies.
  • The 9 steps in forensic investigation.
  • Procedures to carry out in each and every step.
  • How to conclude a forensic investigation.
  • How to write an effective forensic investigation report.
  • Tips on expert witnessing.

Module 1:

  • Discussion on the 20 fraud/corruption prevention and detection strategies

Module 2:

  • Discussions on Preliminary or pre-engagement assessment of the forensic assignment, Engagement Contract, Planning and resource allocation.

Module 3:

  • Discussion on Preparation of suspects/witnesses rough list, Documents
  • Examination- an Introduction, Documents examination- an Introduction.

Module 4:

  • Documents examination – keeping the chain of custody, External confirmations, Fraud risk assessment

Module 5:

  • Interviewing room rules, Interviewing of witnesses 1, Interviewing of witnesses 2

Module 6:

  • Interviewing suspects, What if a suspect refuses to talk? Interrogation process

Module 7:

  • Forensic report writing standards, editing the report, Expert witnessing rules and practice.

You will learn via distance learning until you graduate without attending classes and you are advised to tune into

2. a). LIVE LECTURES on IICFIP Inc – YouTube on topics relevant to forensic investigation skills training. Please subscribe and then tune in every day Sunday to Friday in the mornings and evenings. If you miss live streaming, please replay and watch.

b). INTERACTIVE ONLINE DISCUSSIONS on forensic investigation in every forth night or month where you will meet with experienced practitioners that will not only answer your questions but also share their practical investigation experiences.


Self-Sponsored tuition covers the following:

  • Admission and registration fees – Free;
  • Recommendation letter – Free;
  • One remains in Students members register until he/she upgrades to CFIP Professional Membership; and
  • Tuition until all modules and tests are completed and results released – 425 USD payable after course completion. Meaning that you first complete the course and then pay to receive the course certificate.

Please fill the form attached if you had not filled one. Those who have not filled official form should do so as soon as possible as they study and do the tests.

After completion of and passing the course, one has six (6) options:

  • Retain the knowledge, skill and training materials without a certificate – Absolutely free.
  • Pay tuition of USD 425 to receive Course Participation Certificate in hard copy or USD 65 for electronic certificate via e-mail.
  • Apply for CFIP (Certified Forensic Investigation Professional) Accreditation if before enrollment you had at least 2 years relevant experience. CFIP Professional Accreditation – USD645 payable once and then renewable annually at USD 45. One pay USD 125 for electronic certificates until there is funds for hard copy.
  • If qualified for exemptions based on masterclass, prior learning and experience one may get both masterclass participation certificate and CFIP Professional credential for USD 700. This offers lasts at the pleasure of the Institute.
  • You may alternatively proceed to CFIP Professional training for 6 months at a cost of USD 850.
  • Apply for research only Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Forensic Investigation and Audit from an accredited partner universities. If you have a master’s degree already you can apply for Doctorate degree.