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Continental Conferences

Continental Conferences

  IICFIP Forensic Conference for Africa This will be training events bringing m...
National Conferences

National Conferences

  The IICFIP National Networking Forums in every country shall organize at least one...
Global Conferences

Global Conferences

The IICFIP shall organize global conferences two times a year in different continents ...
  • Continental Conferences

    Continental Conferences

  • National Conferences

    National Conferences

  • Global Conferences

    Global Conferences

Message From the C.E.O / President

Dear Valued Vistor,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this website of the great IICFIP Inc. that is helping address the acute shortage of professional forensic investigation experts globally.

This institute website provides resources and links that can assist all those in need of forensic experts and skills. We provide training events and conferences, contacts of experts and forensic investigation firms accredited by the Institute.

The 4th IIFCIP Global Forensic Conference took place in New York, USA in November, 2017. The 5th IICFIP Global Forensic Conference & Exhibition will take place in Swerziland in March, 2018 followed by Hong Kong - 2019. All members and non-members as well are encouraged to attend.

This is a unique institute with a unique approach to capacity building in the areas of forensic investigation in general and also digital forensics. The Institute had spread to 167 countries representing all continents by 19th January, 2018.


The IICFIP will be planning and executing forensic conferences nationally, continentally and globally every year to equip professionals with skills and techniques for effective and efficient forensic investigations in government, private businesses, multinationals and non-profit organizations. Our members are of high caliber and they uphold high standards of ethics and integrity in all their endeavours.

The IICFIP seeks to establish presence in all countries so that its services may be very close to the individual professionals and firms or organizations that may need them. We are therefore recruiting volunteer country directors to represent the Institute in their respective countries.

The mission of IICFIP is to promote excellence in forensic investigation skills globally by carrying out accreditation and other training in all countries across the globe evolving standards for forensic investigation processes and creating a process for validating new approaches to forensic investigation. To create a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for forensic investigation processes.

To achieve its mission, IICFIP accredits members to run tuition centres in their respective areas. As at the 30th June, 2017 the Institute had accredited 18 Training Centres and entered into collanoration with several universities.

If in the process of browsing through this website, you develop an idea for improvement, please let us have your e-mail or call otherwise join us if you are not a member.

IICFIP is recruiting Students for the Self Sponsored Forensic Investigations Masterclass after having closed that of sponsorship on 31st December, 2017. All student members shall always have right to upgrade to CFIP on account of prior training and experience.

Starting January, 2018 IICFIP is recruiting and accrediting additional training centres that shall deliver tuition and supervise exams in their respective countries. We have more than 240 vacancies.

I am confident that you will find this website informative and helpful to you. But in any case please contact us with suggestions or questions. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Best wishes

Sosthenes Bichanga, FCFIP, CPAK, FCPA, FCFA, BBFA
Global President / CEO

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Books & Manuals

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