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Global Conferences

Global Conferences

The IICFIP shall organize global conferences two times a year in different continents ...
National Conferences

National Conferences

  The IICFIP National Networking Forums in every country shall organize at least one...
Continental Conferences

Continental Conferences

  IICFIP Forensic Conference for Africa This will be training events bringing m...
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    Global Conferences

  • National Conferences

    National Conferences

  • Continental Conferences

    Continental Conferences


The following are the questions that the prospective members of the Institute have asked quite frequently:

1. Why was the IICFIP formed?

ANS.  It was formed to promote the excellence in forensic investigations and audit globally

2. What is the difference between ACFE and IICFIP?

ANS.  The difference is the emphasis of training and approach. ACFE is biased towards fraud examination whereas IICFIP is biased to forensic accounting and audit. The two organizations are not the same but are complimentary to each other.  Many of our members are also members of ACFE. IICFIP's business is training on forensic investigation.

3. What is Forensic Investigation?

ANS. Forensic investigation is the systematic application of financial accounting, forensic accounting, auditing, digital forensics and investigative skills to the gathering of evidence for use in litigation cases in support of or against an allegation.

4. If the program of the IICFIP is similar to that being offered by many other organizations, was there need to start it?

ANS.  Yes, our approach to training and organization is very different. The formation of the IICFIP also responded to demand for forensic investigation/audit training. Just imagine if there was only one University in the world! Harvard Business School is one of the thousands of business schools globally but it is more popular than the others because of its quality training and the success of its graduates globally. IICFIP has a vision to become like Harvard in forensic investigations/audit.

5. Is the IICFIP in competition with the ACFE?

ANS.  No. The IICFIP is promoting its own unique brand in forensic investigations and audit. ACFE is a fraud examination association.

6. Does the IICFIP issue diplomas and degrees?

ANS.  No. The IICFIP a professional institute which does not issue diplomas and degrees but accreditation professional certificates which must be ‘updated’ yearly via Continuous Personal Development ( CPD) training in the field of forensic investigation/audit.

7. If the Institute is not an accademic institution, why are some short courses offered by it are called 'MASTERCLASS'?

ANS. Masterclass is Master's Class. Masterclass is a specialised seminar whereas Master's Class refers to a group of students taking an advanced course of study that leads to the award of a Master's Degree in that area. Masterclass only leads to participation certificate and does not necessarily require exams. Masterclasses are usually for Continouos Professional Development (CPD).

8. How does the affiliation with universities and colleges work?

ANS.  Affiliated institutions are allowed to run academic programs recommended or similar to that of the IICFIP and issue academic certificates or diplomas or degrees. The graduates from these institutions can then join the IICFIP via or without taking adminission exams. The IICFIP Inc also design degrees in forensic investigation and then partners with recognized universities to jointly run the program and then the degree certificates are issued by the university.

9. Where is the IICFIP incorporated?

ANS.  It is incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA

10. Why are the Main Operations Offices of the IICFIP in Nairobi?

ANS.  This is in the good spirit of offshore outsourcing so that costs can be kept very low to allow for faster growth of the IICFIP and better service to its members as it establishes itself globally.

11. Do you offer scholarships?

ANS.  Not at the moment but as the Institute grows it may attract sponsors that may support such worthy course.

12. Can one’s relevant prior learning, training and experience be considered for accreditation without examination?

ANS.  Yes, for all Pioneer Members up to 31st July, 2013 and thereafter on very restricted basis. All those who wish to get admisiion via this route will be taken through tougher assessment to evaluate adequate competence in forensic investigations or audit.

13. How many members are required for forming a chapter or forum?

ANS.  At least 5 members.

14. What are the benefits of having a local chapter?

ANS.The benefits are many but getting financial support in terms of ploughing back subscription fees for marketing and other administrative expenses is the main one followed by earning CPD by attending chapter or forum organized training events at affordable rates.

15. Is the IICFIP an academic organization?

ANS.  No. It is a professional organization with a very proactive affiliation policy that allows it to partner with Universities and Colleges that agree to run its forensic investigation/audit program as an academic program at the master’s level for mutual benefit of their students and the IICFIP members.  Refer to http://www.iicfip.org/index.php/2012-06-09-13-09-06/universitites.

16. How long the IICFIP accreditation courses take to complete?

ANS. The IICFIP accrediation courses take a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 24 months to complete. It much depends on ones experience and prior relevant training and also much time one commits to reading per day. Busy executives may even take a maximum of 36 months to complete the course.

17. Can a non-member be accredited to run IICFIP accreditation programs?

ANS. Yes, if and only if that the applicant is a training institution but the accreditation fee is higher than that charged on members.

18. How far is the coverage of the IICFIP globally?

Ans. The IICFIP is represented in 124 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania, North America, Europe and South America and still spreading fast.

19. Does the IICFIP finance the running of the National networking fora and chapters?

Ans. All organized and recognized chapters are part financed by the IICFIP via retention of a portion of subscriptions paid by members but local branches are expected to organize fundsraising activities that shall assist in financing local operations as in questions 19 below.

20. What are other financing options for the forum or chapter?

Ans. Ans. The following are some of the revenue sources:
1. Organizing training events like workshops and conferences.
2. Setting up and running IICFIP Accreditation Programs Tuition Centres.
3. Corporate registrations or sponsorships.
4. Levying of local administration fee by organized National Networking Forum(NNF). If the NNF does not have democratically elected leaders it is not allowed to levy such fee.


Updates continue.

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