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Sponsors of Forensic Investigation Masterclass

The following are the organizations and government departments that are supporting the forensic investigation masterclss. Any organization that nominates 10 or more staff to take this course are recognised by being listed here as sponsors of the program. All organizations or departments of governments so recoginized are entitled to support from the institute including running in-house refresher courses at 50% less than the normal rates and many other services as may be requested for by the arganizations.

1. National Microfinance Bank PLC (NMB Plc)
Head Office
1213 Ohio/Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
P.O Box 9213
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. www.nmbtz.com 

National Microfinance Bank PLC is Tanzania’s leading retail bank, both in customer base and branch network. With over 2 million customers, over 175 branches and over 600 ATM’s, NMB has a footprint in more than 95% of Tanzania's districts. NMB serves individuals, micro and small enterprises as well as larger businesses. NMB is listed at the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange. NMB’s largest shareholders are its strategic partners Rabobank with a 34.9% share and the Government of Tanzania with a 31.9% share.



9 Steps of Starting a Forensic Services Firm

By Sosthenes Bichang’a, FCFIP, FCPA, FCFA, CPAK

Forensic services demand is on the increase due to increased incidences of fraud, corruption and cybercrime. Even small organizations have started asking for forensic services due to increased awareness of the benefits of forensic services.

But, how does one get started in this field after acquiring the coveted CFIP certification? This is a frequent question from the IICFIP Members who wish to start their own firms individually or in partnership. Many professionals fail to get on the path to success in the industry due to lack of knowledge on how to start, run, sustain and expand forensic services. This puts a dent in their capacity to eventually build a very successful firm in this line. I would in this presentation, outline the strategies that one can take in starting up a forensic services firm from scratch or a division at an already existing management consulting/Accounting firm.

STRATEGY NO. 1 - Speaking on Forensics

Start offering to speak at anti-fraud or forensic workshops and conferences for free or pay depending on the circumstances. You may also use your network to organize such workshops so that you create speaking opportunities for yourself. As you train, you will get networked with the participants and gain recognition as an expert in forensics. Companies or organizations usually call in trainers as consultants and your initial forensic assignment offers will most likely come from one of the participants who attended your training sessions(s) and got impressed by your understanding of the investigation process or forensics generally.

I have witnessed cases where trainers get forensic assignments offers immediately after delivering training. I am one of them. In several occasions I have received offers for forensic audit after delivering training to top executives. This means that you must do the following:

a) Study hard and smart to present yourself as not only knowledgeable but also competent in matters to do with forensic investigation.

b) Before going to deliver a presentation research and research so that you have your ideas or points flowing naturally and systematically solving or providing ways on how to solve the problems facing your audience.

c) If you are the organizer of the workshops or seminars where you speak and deliver presentations, ensure that you invite decision makers or executives that are in a position to recommend you to the decision makers. A workshop whose participants include Chief Financial Officers, Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Audit Directors, Company Owners, etc., will do you magic.

STRATEGY NO. 2 - Keeping a Database of prospects

Keep a database of the executives you have trained at various training events. This database is good for marketing your training and forensic services. Engage them in actively marketing yourself as a forensic audit expert by volunteering to take part in consulting assignments related to forensic audit like carrying out a proactive fraud risk assessment, review of their internal controls and delivering a 4 hour anti- fraud/corruption awareness in house training to their staffs.

Circulate a newsletter, periodically, to all of them containing tips on how to prevent and detect fraud/corruption. This will keep them aware of your skills and incase of any need, they will definitely call upon you for help. Let me sound a caution here. Please do not oversell yourself since professionals are not expected to appear desperate for business.

STRATEGY NO. 3 - Working for or with existing firms

Collect contacts of the leading accounting/auditing firms in your area or country and offer your services to them as a CFIP. Many accounting firms come across fraud in their client organizations and could be very willing to either use you as an expert or refer the client to you for forensic services. If they refer the client to you, do not accept the assignment if you have not worked on a similar assignment before until or unless you will be accompanied by an experienced professional. This leads us to the important point of ensuring that you network well with experienced CFIPs in the country or outside so that you can call them to assist you. If you do not have a consulting firm yet, please partner with an existing firm in executing that assignment. This will not only assist you in getting clients but also experience in forensic investigation or auditing.

Working with other professional firms may also give one an opportunity to network with professional who are potential partners. One may get a person to team up with and start a forensic firm. This leads us you to strategy number 4 below.

STRATEGY NO. 4 - Form forensic firm or Division

Set up your own forensic services firm or start a forensic division in your existing consulting firm. Do not forget to continue to offer training as a component of the package of services you offer. As you train, you will be expanding your potential client contacts base. Every time you have an anniversary, make a point of writing to all your contacts inviting them to attend the commemoration ceremony for free.

Before completion of the formation of your firm, decide whether you will be alone or you will have partners. If you decide to have partners join you, please decide on what skills and qualifications they will have to assist you in promoting the vision and mission of your forensic firm. They should be not only sharing the shame vision but should also be qualified as well.

STRATEGY NO. 5 - Register the firm

Have your firm registered and licensed to gain credibility as well as legality in your jurisdiction. Registration may include listing in the directory of professional firms and joining relevant professional institutes as a corporate member for business referrals and also receiving complimentary advertisements by the Institute where you are listed. This happens as an added advantage of listing since as the Institute will be advertising itself, it will also be attracting visitors to the page where your firm is listed and as a result you will be getting inquiries or assignment offers.

Getting listed by a professional institute like IICFIP Inc. also assures the clients that your firm and all its members are following the standards of the Institute in their services delivery. This increases confident of the potential and also existing clients in your services.

STRATEGY NO. 6 - Retaining clientele

Manage your clientele well by doing the following:

- Executing their assignment(s) excellently

- Sending them free updates that add value

- Responding to their complaints promptly and apologizing your necessary.

STRATEGY NO. 7 - Be Specific

Be specific! A common mistake is to over market yourself. Many are skeptical of one person (or a smaller firm) who markets themselves as providing 'all types' of anti-fraud services because there will be a suspicion of the ability to deliver them. Only the huge global firms are regarded as such, not because this is necessarily true but because this is the thinking in the market place. Likewise, offer a modest range of services and lines of expertise and draw a clear connection between them. Such as financial fraud that goes with money laundering. Cybercrime and social networking. There has to be a synergy, a thread that runs through your firm’s profile and holds all services together.

STRATEGY NO. 8 - Networking and Memberships

Networking and associating with other forensic services firms nationally and regionally. This will enable you to take on large assignments in partnership with any one of them. Also remember to train and maintain your staff well since they are your wheels to success and business expansion.

The pursuit of networking may lead you to social media updates and posts. Your presence on social media may also lead to international clients. Write about your association with professional institutes and about what you know on forensics including your firm and its services. My first international forensic assignment was offered to me via Linkedin the leading professional social network globally.

STRATEGY NO. 9 - Trust in God

Trust in the Almighty God and always ask Him for His wise and unfailing guidance. Faith in the supernatural being called God, works miracles in business success apart from the healing the pastors/preachers do shout about on every day of worship.

This is the presentation that was delivered to the delegates at the 3rd IICFIP Global Forensic Conference in Abuja, Nigeria in August, 2016. Please send comments on this presentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The author of this presentation is the Founder & Global President of the IICFIP Incorporation – www.iicfip.org and he is the Author of the 9 Steps of Forensic Investigation. 1st Edition – 2016 among other books like Investigation Law, Expert Witnessing: Theory and Practice, and the CFIP Exams Preparation Guide.

All copyrights reserved.

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Introduction to IICFIP USA, INC.

IICFIP is an international Professional membership Institute that registers and trains members all around the world.

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We collect the following information from you as our visitor or member.

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How do we use this information?

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How is this information shared?

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How can I manage or delete information about me?

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Frequently Asked Questions By Sponsidered Students

1. Why is a very important course being offered for free?
The prevailing perception among the majority of citizens of the world is that an expensive service or product is of high quality!!! This is a fallacy that has led to many companies and organizations exploiting clients or customers. Organizations raise prices of inferior products to attract those who match quality to high price! Ridiculous.
The Institute is sponsoring a 3-month forensics masterclass to allow many students enroll to learn and also become Student Members.

2. After course completion, one is asked to pay some fee for a participation certificate, is this not scam?
Scams involve advance payments of goods and services and then the recipients disappear without supplying the promised goods or services. In the Institute’s case, the 3 month course is delivered fully in advance of any payment. Risk is on the Institute not student.

3. After course completion, what next?
The following options are available to the student that complete all modules and gets an aggregate score of 70% +:
A. Stop there if he or she found the course not useful. No payment will be required from the student.
B. Apply for a course completion certificate. This will cost some dollars. Details on this are available to all enrolled students or
C. Apply for full accreditation with exemptions on the basis of this training and also relevant prior learning and experience or both B and C.

4. Who is the target of this training?
Anyone from undergraduate students to professionals with many years of experience. The course requires anybody with interest in learning forensics and all will be referred to us as student members until they complete the course and upgrade to full membership. Full membership means professional accreditation. A full member becomes CFIP.

5. What if one does not have adequate prior learning and experience?
After completion of the 3-month course, you will be enrolled on the full professional training at around 15% of the total fee required to complete the course and become CFIP after passing formal computer based exams.

6. What do mean by masterclass, is it a master’s degree?
A masterclass is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline. We do not offer master’s classes for three months. We are not a degree awarding institution.

7.  Updates continue.

Student Testimonials

'I did the course last year and found it really interesting with intense awareness on handling forensic cases. Kudos to the organization for instilling professionalism on forensic investigations'. - Martin Oloo - Kenya on 4th  April, 2017.
'I am currently doing module 2 and it's really interesting ,I salute the team for their input and instant email replies'. Kagwanja Karuma - Kenya on 4th April, 2017 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";}
'Hallo Sir, it is with humility that I wish to send my sincere appreciation to the institute and to you in particular for having enabled me get the skills in the are of Forensic investigation. It is my hope and prayer that this skills will be translated into the service to my country and humanity at large. Once more, thanks alot'. Mark N' Michael - Kenya on 31st January, 2017
'This is to emphasize that this program is an eye opener to many of us who have had experience in the field of accounting and finance, occupying such sensitive roles of cfo.
I am doing my modules and I must confess that the study has given me an entirely new perspective in my job. Options I never considered in fraud investigation are giving me results. I appreciate the sponsors of this program.
I have also invited members of several groups I belong to because members of this great forensic association must be everywhere for the impart to be greatly felt in our economy.
'I am doing my modules and I must confess that the study has given me an entirely new perspective in my job. Options I never considered in fraud investigation are giving me results. I appreciate the sponsors of this program. I look forward to becoming a full member.' Abanye Nwaorise - Nigeria on 1st January, 2017
'I have gone through the seven modules of forensic investigations.It was quite educative experience and an eye open especially to me as an accountant.I also managed to go through the tests and answered them'. Florence Sila - Kenya on 25th October, 2016. 
'It  is  a great  pleasure for me to comeback to you  after completing the first module, it was so interesting,helpful and constructing to  me, not only  in professional life but also in normal life that  live all the days!! i love it more!!
I am done with the 1st module,  and i  would like to request if possible that you can send me all  the rest of 6 modules remaining  and  i work on  them  at once'. Sylvestre  DUSABIMANA - Rwanda on 30th September, 2016.
'Thank you for the offer. Indeed I am one of the beneficiaries and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the best job you are doing. I want to remark that the knowledge I got after the course has become more relevant to my job. I sincerely appreciate for your reminder and am looking forward to seeing that I get my certificate soon. Thank you once again and the Lord bless you'. Matovu Swagat - Uganda on 6th September, 2016.
'Believe me this course impacted on me a lot beyond what you can imagine in terms of thinking, perception, vigilance and many others. Am delighted to inform you that joining the IICFIP family is a pathway that am happy about'. Anthony kyaterekera Mukasa - Uganda on 24th August, 2016.
'I loved loved loved doing  the masterclass training  and can't wait to do the full CFIP accreditation. Thank you IICFIP for the opportunity. :-) For those who haven't tried it yet I recommend that you take up the opportunity'. L.R.L. Phillip - Botswana on 27th July, 2016
'I do appreciate the fully funded scholarship u gave me and this course has opened me up to so many ways to undertake investigations. I really love this course and wish to do other similar courses. Thank you'. Castro Boykin Abankwah – Ghana on 13th July, 2016
'I am so much pleased and delighted to have taken this relevant professional course which have really exposed me in so many ways when it comes to forensic investigation with respect to all the modules I have gone through. Thanks very much and I appreciate'. Juliet Ayatey – Ghana on 13th July, 2016

'Am so much delighted and motivated, and even wished there were more modules to go through and progressive test of multiple choice questions to be answered. As I make arrangements to pay the Cash for the Certificate of completion (kindly give me details on how I am to pay to you and every information needed), kindly do send me the RECOMMENDATION letter for the completion of the Course to help improve my RESUME. Thanks so much and kindly help me also get some training on any Forensic Course. I am so appreciative of this very nice course'. Prinscellah Debrah – Ghana on 13th July, 2016

'Thank you so much for my results. This really showed how greatly I performed and I appreciate it. Am so much delighted and motivated, and even wished there were more modules to go through and progressive test of multiple choice questions to be answered. As I make arrangements to pay the Cash for the Certificate of completion (kindly give me details on how I am to pay to you and every information needed), kindly do send me the RECOMMENDATION letter for the completion of the Course to help improve my RESUME. Thanks so much and kindly help me also get some training on any Forensic Course. I am so appreciative of this very nice course.  Kelvin Turkson - Ghana on 29th June, 2016

Am so much delighted and motivated, and even wished there were more modules to go through. As I make arrangements to pay the Cash for the Certificate of completion( kindly give me details on how), kindly do sedn me the recommendation letter for the completion of the Course to help improve my CV. Thanks so much and kindly help me also get some training on Forensic Accounting Course'. Dickens Otieno Odira - Kenya on 28th June, 2016
'I appreciated the IICFIP as from the day I stepped in class am no longer the same and I encourage other professionals to join the group of professionals and lets together embrace forensic audit as key. Thanks'. Maroa Julius Mwita- Kenya on 27th June, 2016
I am very pleased to inform you that I have received the hard copy my certificate of forensic proficiency this morning. I'd like to thank you for this great opportunity you gave me to follow this important and interesting course as I am internal auditor and sometimes we have some investigation engagements in my office though I am not very involved in these engagements as there are in my office other auditors that are more experienced than me in conducting investigation engagements. I'd be really interested to get CFIP but I think if it's possible I'll sit for the exam the next session after the one of November 2016, God willing. I wish you all the best. Tidiakh Kama  - Senegal on 24th June, 2016
Greetings. Received is the letter of recommendation, I highly appreciate the proficiency, professionalism and expediency of your honourable office. I'm currently interested to register for further studies with your institute. Requesting for account numbers where the tuition fee must be deposited. Moses Abdullah Phiri – South Africa on 24th June, 2016
'Thank you a lot for this revealing encounter I have had with the masterclass training. I have already turned professional as I carry out my duties. It is worthy to note that previously I might have been doing unprofessional work on forensic investigations but now am up there with this training. Kudos'. Calistus Simiyu Kong'ani - Kenya on 21st June, 2016. 
'i felt very lucky to have known about IICFIP, and enrolling in the MasterClass was such an excitement because i really want to be a CFIP fully. so the Masterclass give me the light and knowledge on Forensic, and now i am going to apply for Enforcement Position in my organisation to keep practicing while waiting to pay for full membership and certificate. thank you very much for this opportunity'. Mpho E Nkoane - Lesotho on 31st May, 2016
'thanks for responding to it i have been waiting to know. absolutely free ,The IICFIP is doing great and in the coming years will be the leading Forensic institute. i have continued referring my fellow accounting & finance graduates and others i know may be interested. Thanks IICFIP.' Chukwumaobi Chuks Godwin - Nigeria on 29th May, 2016
'Having completed the first part of the course , have found the content invaluable and has gone a long way in improving my approach in forensic investigations. A course worth pursuing for any practising investigator. Continue the good work'. Taurayi Musira - Zimbabwe on 27th May, 2016
'The course was an eye opener to my profession as it increased my on job skills . The course was relevant to the trend of frauds which are being perpetrated and how Forensic Accountants can be of help .
It also touches on the issue of Technologies being used by Fraudsters and how Companies are falling behind in technology to arrest these problems. "To catch a thief think like a thief"' Jonas Mlambo - Zimbabwe on 26th May, 2016

'The course is exquisitely vital as it broaden one's horizon in understanding the hidden intricate of fraud and corruption. It is like a standard norm whereupon one is licensed to drive after the rigours of learning how to drive. Oftentimes, many clues in fraud and corruption have been unknowingly discarded because of lack of forensic knitting, which the course expertly inculcates in its students. It’s a must not miss course!!' Shepherd Mabunjwa - Zimbabwe on 26th May, 2016

'I highly recommend International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigations Professionals for offering outstanding courses. I have gained a lot of knowledge in Forensics Investigations, and I look forward to enrol in more professional courses that will make me an expert in Security Field'.Simon Mungiriak Kaburu - Kenya on 25th May, 2016

'The course is good and its been an eye opener for me because it has introduced me to a number of things which were not up to my knowledge'.Gogo Yamikani Hauya - South Africa on 25th May, 2016

'I am Very Excited with my 77% overall score/pass result and thank God for helping me attain this fit. Permit me to also thank the IICFIP Global President, Mr Sosthens Bichanga and the global Faculty/Leadership of the Institute, for their Innovation in coming up with this well articulated training. With programs like this, I foresee an unprecedented growth of our great Institute in truly becoming the Global Leader in Forensics in line with the dream of our founders.Gentle Men! More grease to your elbows'. Lakwa, Timothy Ayuba - Cameroon on 24th May, 2016

“As a final student for a Diploma in Forensic Accounting and Investigations, the 7 masterclass modules I did with the institute was very educative and eye opening for me. I would happily recommend those who are also following/ or doing the same program or those currently practising forensic auditing and investigations”, Barnabas Mawire - Harare, Zimbabwe on  12/05/2016

This course is recommended for anyone who wants to widen their knowledge of forensic investigation. The course is easy to understand and the staff are approachable. I highly recommend this course. Rose Marie Conos - England on 6th May, 2016

'I feel high to associate myself with your organization, the skills and new things that I learnt from the modules will obviously not only help me in my workplace but also  in my personal life too. having completed all the seven modules and expecting the best results which am waiting with a lot of gusto I therefore wish to pursue further studies with your organisation which I found it fit with relevant materials that help me in my life'. Chris B. Wanyonyi - Kenya on 20th April, 2016

'I write to appreciate your professionally commitment for those lectures modules you sent to me. I really thank you because it has really transformed my  life professionally. Having done this, I look forward to the next thing to be done so that I can be certified professionally'. Abu I. Noruwa - Nigeria on 12th April, 2016

'As this is my final module and we are three of us doing this course from my office National Micro finance Bank NMB PLC Tanzania. We are negotiating with our company that we get full certification of the course. I will keep you updated when we are ready for certification. I am currently requesting your good office to support me with a recommendation letter that I have attended the course and graduated. Otherwise I have enjoyed the course it has great content and will be helpful in my daily assignments'. Benedicto Haule - Tanzania on 11th April, 2016.

‘Thank you. The module is adding value to my audit work. I will be done by the next 3 days for the test. Will encourage my colleagues and others’. Simon Mudadada-Zimbabwe on 14/1/2016

'I have finished module 1 and have submitted the progress test 1. I hope i could soon receive module 2 and begin with it right away. The course is already shaping my perspective of a lot of things and in a lot of things'. NKOME KOLE EMMANUEL – Cameroon on 14/1/2016

'Sure.Enjoying module number 1. I am being empowered and should market institute better later.They say  knowledge is power'. CFIP Johnson Sithole - Zimbabwe on 14/1/2016

'Sir, I want to commend your effort on these lectures. The modules are fantastic  especially the module no 4.  The “Evidence Chain of Custody Tracking Form“   is  perfect.  More grace!'  Blessing Lawal - Nigeria on 20th January, 2016

'My thanks to the institute. The 20 fraud prevention strategies I have learnt have added value to my profession. As organisation there are things that are taken for granted yet exposing it to fraud or corruption. I will definitely pursue this program till the end and I am looking forward to learn more from this rare free gift  of such value by the IICFP'. ST.CFIP Partson Nyatanga - Harare Zimbabwe on 20th January, 2016

'I hope you are well, I would like to thank you for this opportunity that you offered me to study Forensic, I am glad and would like to inform you that once I qualify as a Certified Forensic Investigation Professional I will recruit many Universities students and those that I have studied Internal Audit with,My company offers Forensic Services as I once communicated with you a year ago. My challenge was to practice Forensic with freedom since I did not have the global recognised certificate'. Victor Munyai - South Africa on 25th January, 2016

'Thank you for this message, we are enjoying these modules they really apply to my day to day work'. Kasim Nsadha - Uganda on 25th January, 2016

'Thank you for the good work, we are really enjoying the course'. Herbert Mulumba - Uganda on 26th January, 2016

'I first want to say thanks for having taken me through that interesting course i forensic investigations.It was a real eye opener especially in this time when corruption is endemic in this country and the world at large. Having completed the seven modules,I would appreciate if you gave me further instructions regarding full quallifications and may be specialisations. I look foward to hear from you'. Joseph Mwangi - Kenya on 10th February, 2016

'Many thanks for the noble Idea of providing the Sponsored Forensic Investigation Course and for releasing the training material for CFIP as well. The materials have been an eye opener and extremely informative.

I have already started reading through the materials and I look forward to get an upgrade to CFIP'. James Thuita -  Kenya on 10th February, 2016

'I want to thank you very much for the sponsorship program, it has been of great benefit to me as an Auditing and Assurance lecturer.  I have been able to not only be thorough on forensic investigations but also have been able to apply the same in my organization. Thank once again for the opportunity. am willing to apply for the certification'. Peter Mwaura - Kenya on 23rd March, 2016
'I would like to acknowledge that the Masters Course was both very educative and informative. To those who are practicing forensic auditing and/or investigation;  the course  will greatly improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
A worthwhile course to study'.Humphrey - Zimbabwe on 23rd March, 2016
'I feel high to associate myself with your organization, the skills and new things that I learnt from the modules will obviously not only help me in my workplace but also  in my personal life too. having completed all the seven modules and expecting the best results which am waiting with a lot of gusto I therefore wish to pursue further studies with your organisation which I found it fit with relevant materials that help me in my life'. Jalla Boru - Kenya on 23rd March, 2016
'This week in Module 1 i learnt about fraud and corruption and the twenty fraud/corruption detection strategies. I acknowledge the fact that perpetrators of such white collar crimes are later acquitted due to lack of expert opinion (the forensic investigators). Forensic investigators are important in ensuring conviction and sentencing of the fraud/corruption perpetrators. Thanks to all those involved  in coming up with this  course because the  knowledge i have found will assist me in my workplace to understand the fraudsters and corrupt people,take action against them'. Joshua Lokwakituk - Kenya on 23rd March, 2016
'I have completed the CFIP course recently and thoroughly recommend it'. Stephen Langley LLB MSc CFIP - United Kingdom on 26th March, 2016

"I like the experience of sostheses in different fields he has made me to av passion to be a fraud investigator currently I have just finished forensic masterclass training which I believe I will pass confidently and to further my studies even more". Jalla Boru - Kenya on 28th March, 2016

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