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Global Conferences

Global Conferences

The IICFIP shall organize global conferences two times a year in different continents ...
Continental Conferences

Continental Conferences

  IICFIP Forensic Conference for Africa This will be training events bringing m...
National Conferences

National Conferences

  The IICFIP National Networking Forums in every country shall organize at least one...
  • Global Conferences

    Global Conferences

  • Continental Conferences

    Continental Conferences

  • National Conferences

    National Conferences

Who We Are


IICFIP is the world's unique and premier professional membership organization that not only brings together forensic investigators but also provides forensic investigation skills training to all that are interested in forensic investigations. Our members in various parts of the globe are well equipped to carry out effective forensic investigations in business organizations, governments and other situations requiring forensic investigation skills.

The IICFIP is a multi professional accreditation institution. It boasts of the following professional accreditations:
1. CFIP   –  Certified Forensic Investigation Professional
2. CACC  –  Certified Anti-Corruption Consultant
3. CMIP  –  Certified Medical Investigation Professional
4. CDFP  –  Certified Digital Forensic Professional

Our members in various parts of the globe are well equipped to carry out effective forensic investigations in business organizations, governments and other situations requiring forensic investigation skills. It is an Institute that caters for the networking of all investigation professionals like internal investigations, fraud audit, practicing CPAs, CCAs, CAs, ACCA, Corporate Security, criminal investigations, forensic accounting practice, medical investigation professionals, computer and digital forensics, forensic investigations etc.

We currently have CFIPs and Student Members representing 124 countries. We have members in Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania, North America, Europe and South America. The Institute is growing fast due to the demand of its forensic investigation credentials. The Institute is recruiting representatives for every state and country on earth. If interested, please get in touch fast.

Our Business

We are not just in the business of fraud examination but forensic investigation in the widest sense. We train professionals to become all rounded experts in forensic investigation such that they are able to carry out fraud examination, forensic accounting, medical investigations, financial investigations, digital forensics, criminal investigations and do fraud/corruption control.

Our Vision

To be the leading forensic investigation accreditation training and standards setting body institute in the World by spreading our wings in all countries enabling our members to automatically bring to their clients global best practices in their performance of forensic investigation practice.

Our Mission

To promote excellence of forensic investigation skills globally by carrying out accreditation and other training in all countries across the globe evolving standards for forensic investigation processes and creating a process for validating new approaches to forensic investigation. To create a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for forensic investigation processes.


IICFIP has a policy to employ staffs who are professionally and academically trained to offer superior levels of services to all clients, customers, members, stakeholders and members. Staff will always be trained to embrace current standards of service so that those who deal with these organization gets high levels of satisfaction.

Those who will manage the country offices and representatives of the institute in various countries where the institute does not have established offices shall be certified members of the Institute and so do the leading officials of the Secretariats.


IICFIP’s training staffs or facilitators are those with several years experience in forensic investigations and training. These include professors of forensic accounting, industry experts in financial and digital forensics, law and criminology and also accounting. Ant-fraud/corruption experts also play a great role in the faculty.

Academic Affiliation Policy

IICFIP has very strong and proactive academic partnerhsip policy. Our faculty designs academic programmes in line with our mission and then partners with colleges and universities to run them as we supply expertise via our faculty for teaching and the our partners provide academic learning infrastructure and issues degree certificates upon successful completion of the programmes. The graduates then join the Institute as members. This is aimed augmenting the professional training that leads to the CFIP.

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Books & Manuals

books-manuals-short-courses Books and manuals are the tools for not only training but investigations. Quality and relevant books go a long way in assist certification students...